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This is an Act to regulate retirement villages in Tasmania. As a result the rights and obligations of residents and operators will be protected. It reflects accepted working practices within the industry sector. These include a number of aspects of Retirement Village life. Factors associated with entry to the Villages including suitable contracts and other documentation fully explaining the resident’s rights committees charges and levies.

  • Description of Accommodation
  • Type of Accommodation
  • Ingoing Contribution
  • Fees and Charges
  • Liability for Personal Services
  • Communal Facilities
  • Termination of Residents Rights
  • Other Future Accommodation
  • Requirement for Independent Advice
  • Disputes

Not only does the Retirement Villages Act require village rules for the use enjoyment control and management the village operators must allow a suitable representation for the residents including allowance for complaints and objections. Such dispute resolution issues are extensively documented.

Agreement if a resident vacates or is absent for any length of time are also covered by the Act.

Details of the operator to fully insure the Villages at all times is stipulated.

The document also covers the maintenance of the residents rights if the Village is sold to another operator. Specific details relating to maintaining the Residents independence involve the operator being unable to hold a position involving a residents power of attorney or be appointed as their proxy.

Responsibilities and Liabilities of directors and managers is also specifically covered with reference to the Associations Incorporation Act 1964 and the Administrative Arrangements Act 1990. (back)

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